Tuesday, January 25, 2005

nie gambar kawan yg telah grad last year at DTC,UM...how about this year??? INSYA-ALLAH..it is my turn..but before that..there are a lots of works to be done...arghhhhh.... Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 13, 2005

GAMBAROU...!!! no matter what happen to our project @ thesis... this is the end of our studies... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

thesis or fyp???

no matter what... both is making me crazy...padan muka... sapo suruh tangguh keje.. 3 weeks more i have to submit my report... waaaa... very ponin kepala...
yesterday was AI (artificial intelligence) test... one of the question is "what was Church Tesis Turing said about Turing Machine?"... the answer is... "jika mausia dapat menyelesaikan masalah dalam algorisma tertentu, maka Mesin Turing juga dapat menyelesaikannya dengan kecerdikan"... mmm... logik ke korang rase... tapi sbb dialah kecerdikan buatan wujud... dr soklan nie jugak..semalam time antenna class... terpikir soklan... "apa yang dinyatakan oleh nanin dalam tesisnya?"...answer.."raman sucks!!".... "apa yang dinyatakan oleh zab dalam tesisnya?"...answer "signal rupanyer ada corak..windowing aku ada warna-warni!!!.. "apo yang dinyatakan oleh adda dalam tesisnya?"..answer.."air space jammed with signals...haiya!!!!"... "apo yang dinyatakan oleh sue?"...answer.."extract text dah dapat tp template matching tue apo lak??".... "apa yang dinyatakan ina dalam tesisnya?"..."napo sound bila dah stop tak mau play balik???".... zimah...."software punya part yang pening dah siap...masuk part hardware..ntah jadi ke idak speakernyer..nanti karang ntah apa-apa plak bunyi yang kluar...redha jer..."... syair..."memana routing dalam WDM...susah siott...tetiba kena ingat balik c++, pastu bahasa programming + data comm yg pernah diajar oleh KAN..menyesal dulu2 tak dengar betul-betul dia ajar apa.minta la sempat siap...dah la ditinggalkan oleh supervisor lama.."...mimi..."sob..sob...sob...dulu study elektronik memain..janji lulus je..konon-konon nanti tak terjebak time wat tesis...lack of basic..lack of knowledge..tesis membunuh..!! ntah bila nak dapat hasilkan PLL yang serupa cam MZAR idam-idamkan..."... lia.."litar memeningkan...skang tgh menyibukkan diri dgn hardware part..simulation ok kot..ntah jadi ntah tidak radio nie..!!"...ayu..."cam syair tp wireless la..ada node-node yang banyak,trace file bergiga-giga sampai penuh hard disk, tak cukup laptop, kena install kat wireless lab..." marina.."buat control untuk internet, buat simulation sampai hard disk penuh. pc tak boleh nak buka. mentang-mentang buat flow and congestion control, pc pun congested jugak..".. lin.."filter gambar yang tak best menjadi gambar yang best dalam frequency domain tapi ntah la semua still hampeh...." and ramai lagie... whatever you say...chaiyok chaiyok my friends... skit lagie jer nie...hehheeh.. (",)

Monday, January 10, 2005

test...for final sem...final year...

sound good huh!!! yeah... well.. final year... di penghujung blajar kalo tak mau sambung master...skali pikir...adei..test lagie...tak abih2 test..dr mula masuk sekolah darjah satu sampai nak final year pun kena ngadap semua nie... tapi kan..sebenarnyer hidup kita dipenuhi denagn ujian..the difference is..either u get the marks or not..either it brings you to another step of career or it will be your life experience..byk sungguh test dalam hidup kita..tapi i believe..test yang ade mark nie..semestinyer test yang kena blajar..blajar..and blajar..and kita mesti mau score...i care very much about this..tapinyer lagie..better we understand what we learn compared what we memorize..especially if we involve in practical field such us.. engineering..accountant..technical things la... apopun..for my final year student..ALL DA BEST... MAY WE SUCCESS IN FUTURE..THIS FINAL YEAR SHOULD BE THE BEST YEAR FOR US END UP.... skit jek lagie..3 months to go... sesambil tue leh la keneng2 cari kerja... pastu lagi..kalo nak kawin pun dah boleh... (",)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

well...yesterday my interview does not goes well ..i think...not really prepare the knowledge in my mind..that is why i can't answer the qustion..but this is a good experience to me... Posted by Hello

facing the job interview

I feel that job interviews are perhaps the single most important part of the selection process—for both you and your future employer. Once your resume (or/and a written initial test has been taken and some candidates have been shortlisted amongst the lot...in short it has been established that you meet the basic skills and background requirements, it is the interview that establishes you as a candidate who will fit well into an organization’s culture and future plans.While most interview questions are generally straightforward, unambiguous inquiries, some interviewers will throw in surprises specifically intended to explore your thinking and expectations at a deeper level. Or they may be meant to throw you off guard to see how you react in high stress or confusing circumstances. Or they may not be intentionally tricky at all. They may merely be invented by the interviewer, or borrowed from lists of questions available on the Internet, with no idea what their value is, or how to assess your response as it relates to the requirements of the job.How you answer tricky questions could determine whether you would receive an offer from the organization. But it’s also important to remember that what those questions are, and how your answers are received, can tell you volumes about whether this is a company you want to work for.

Here are some of the questions you might want to consider as you’re preparing yourself for a job interview:
1) What aspects of your career do you feel especially good about and how can you make sure those are discussed in the interview?
2) What aspects of your career so far do you feel especially worried about discussing?
3) Can you formulate answers to questions about those aspects in advance?
4) How can you use the interview to learn about the potential employer?

Interview: The interview is an opportunity for an employer to get to know the candidate behind the resume. It is also the chance for candidates to get a sense of a company’s culture, values, and plans for the future.Interviewer: The interviewer is the person seated directly across from the candidate and charged with leading the conversation. Sometimes this person is a professional especially trained to assess candidates for fit. More often, however, he or she is doing this work in conjunction with a larger job description. In this case, the interviewer could be burdened with a difficult attitude about the meeting—for example, being resentful at having to be pulled away from his or her regular duties, or shy, or confused about what kinds of results to expect from the interview.Tricky questions: These questions make a candidate uncomfortable for any number of reasons—they’re too personal; they’re not obviously related to the open position; they require fast thinking under hypothetical circumstances, or they prompt the candidate to reveal crucial information (such as salary expectations) before he or she is ready to do so.

Friday, January 07, 2005

knowing me....

Hello there...It's me!!! Posted by Hello


esok,i will attend to motorola interview at mandarin oriental hotel...heheheh...gembira tapi i really afraid to face with the interviewee...wei..this is my first time interview...mmm...no...this become my second time ...the first time was with the NEC when i try to apply for the scholarship..but last time..i was failed...tak terrer la time tue..but i do hope..tomorrow will be success...tolong doakan kan yer....nanti i will summarize what i have done for this interview..tapi tue la..menggatai gak nak wat menatang blog nie..aiseh....apo leh wat.... blog nie kosong lagie..tp takpe...sok lusa akan ku edit....apopun...doakan kan den berjaya...