Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why i always miss my friend's wedding???

from early of the year 08 till end of the year.... at this age... lots of my friends getting married... .... it always me who is not attending to the wedding... i'm so jealous looking at them... with beauty and gorgeous dress and sut without me around... it doesn't same by watching in albums or video that they sent to me... sometimes i felt guilty for not being there for my friends and i afraid they wont attend to my weddingg in future as well.... uhuhuhuhuhu... my dear friends... i do hope that u all understand my situations and jobs... my finance as well ... (^.^) ...

well... where am i??? why i always miss my friend's wedding even my best friend's wedding???
1. of course because of the sailing schedule.... < along this year, i almost end up my days with sea and island>
2. my short leaving habour and holidays....
3. my boss was not happy to let me go leaving the ship... <i kind of important person.. heehhe>
4. my finance as i far away from peninsular <i am not that rich for buying air asia tickets in short notice as i hardly plan my holiday... kk to kl... ~RM450 jugak>...
5. clash with my cousin's wedding <why u guys like to have the wedding at the same times... in school holiday... >

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